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Blender Redmond RHB-2947 Grey

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Blender RHB-2947 is a powerful kitchen appliance with 3 attachments that allow it to be used as a submersible blender, mixer and chopper. Submersible blender will help to cook mushroom, bean or beet cream soup, donut batter and Norwegian waffles, a variety of homemade sauces: mayonnaise, salsa, guacamole, and pesto. Treat your children to homemade banana-chocolate ice cream and milkshakes with berries and fruits. Mixer can beat egg whites for cheese soufflé, Italian meringue or Easter glaze, make cream of cream cheese and cream for cakes and cupcakes. Chopper can grind ingredients for adjika, squash or eggplant caviar, fresh herbs for salads and freezing, meat and vegetables for meatballs, cutlets and casseroles. RHB-2947 is equipped with a button for easy one-hand operation: the stronger the pressure, the higher the speed of the appliance. Pressing the button until it stops will activate TURBO maximum power mode. It is necessary to break lumps in dough or cream, to make the texture of the dish smoother. All cutting parts of the attachments are made of stainless steel, so the appliance will serve you as long as possible. In addition, RHB-2947 is protected against overheating: if the permissible load is exceeded, the automatic shut-off system will be activated. Wait for the blender to cool down, turn it on and continue using the appliance.

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Specifications for Blender Redmond RHB-2947 Grey

Type Hand Blender
Headers Jug, Mixer Head
Chopper (Yes/No) Yes
Body Material Metal / Plastic
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Jug Material Plastic
Speed Modes 2
Power (W) 800

Blender Redmond RHB-2947 Grey

Characteristics of Blender Redmond RHB-2947 Grey

  • Main characteristics



    Power & Consumption

    Power (W), watt

    General characteristics

    Jug, Mixer Head
    Chopper (Yes/No)
    Body Material
    Metal / Plastic
    Blade Material
    Stainless Steel
    Jug Material
    Speed Modes
    Hand Blender
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    Warranty (months)

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