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    For you. The new Indesit eXtra: optimal conditions for storage of each type of product. Everything in its place

Storage of products

Effective and reliable.

Indesit eXtra refrigerators: ergonomics in every detail.

Shelves with slider mechanism will provide additional visibility up to 7 cm and ease of use.

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The taste is in your kitchen.

Indesit has created a new collection of Indesit Aria built-in appliances to give you the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. Each item in the collection provides the perfect balance of design and functionality.

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Dish washing

All the space you need.

The eXtra dishwasher is specially designed for garbage dishes: frying pans, pressure cookers, pizza sheets, grill cooking surfaces and much more. Just pull out the upper basket and enjoy perfectly clean dishes without much effort.

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Push & Wash - 2 seconds, 1 touch, 0 problems.

Just one touch and your Innex washing machine will instantly start a wash cycle, and after 45 minutes, you can enjoy perfectly clean and fresh clothes.

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Indesit TLAA 10 SI Undercounter Fridge
Indesit ILA1 Integrated Undercounter Fridge
Indesit DISR 57H96 Z 45cm Dishwasher